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author image by Nagi | 2 Comments | 01 Aug 2017

Welcome to the last online community you will ever have to join!

Well at least that’s the dream at least and you have, hopefully, taken the first steps into making that happen. We are at the moment till trying to catch some traction but with the ‘big games’ we are hoping to really take on yet to be released right now is the time to do it. So I’m going to take a moment of your time and try and explain what it is we are trying to accomplish with Friendly Aggro (Fr.Ag) and your role in it.

A big dream made of smaller parts

If an in game clan is a nutshell then Fr.Ag is the case of bags of nuts. The idea is to provide our members the chance to create in game alliances between guilds, clans, teams, etc. Let’s take World of Warcraft for example, it has several servers that span different scopes like PvE, PvP or even roleplay. As a gamer you may always subscribe to one play-style or many of them. Our goal is to bridge the gap between those styles and bring all those players together while out of game and not interfere with the game play itself. Should someone want to switch between two group of the same game but still within Fr.Ag we hope to facilitate that transition as easily as we can.

Now expand that to Guild Wars 2. It’s the same Genre as WoW but may tap into the same players if not just the same player base. Same concept, same division but with different variables and features that make the choices of guild easier and in fact let you have multiple of them. Increase this with different genres like FPS and now things get a little maddening in the normal span of a week.

Increase that with the amount of single player games on the market and what would happen if those gamers got together and shared their favorite moments. What if they played their SP game while in a chat room with a bunch of others doing to same things. Suddenly even a SP game doesn’t feel as lonely and becomes something more of a group activity. This is simply increased with the increasingly common ability to broadcast what you are playing to friends, or even the world.

Our job as Community Leaders are to take a lot of the guess work from games and the struggle of finding new friends to play them with you. Each Game has a single Community leader responsible for protecting your community within the larger whole and making sure you have the most up to date changes within your game. It is the job of a Community Leader to make sure the various groups/guilds/clans within a single game have what they need to enjoy their game and assign officers to help inside the game to make sure of it.

How is that possible!?

With a lot of dedication, recruitment and the constant vigilance of staff bringing it together. Right now we need the numbers and that is where you come in. By joining us you have brought us one step closer to where we’d like to be. The best thing you could do for Fr.Ag and yourself is to get all your friends involved. Invite all your friends to join us, even if they don’t like the same games as you they may eventually find others here that do like what they like. Without your help boosting our numbers we’ll never approach where we want to be.

This is not about selling you something you do not need, but needing something you can not sell.

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