This Week at Bungie 8/24/2017

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This Week at Bungie 8/24/2017

Right before the Clan gets to experience the PC Beta Bungie’s latest news post doesn’t disappoint. Lots of videos, trailers and yes info on the beta.

Beta Pre-Load starts today (8/25/17) through the Blizzard App, formerly known as Battlenet client. Those with preorder codes will get a single day of early access before it’s open beta time 29th-31st.

They even let us in on the control map for Beta

So start those installs and we’ll see you next week Guardians!

For those who have not joined but with to the Friendly Aggro Destiny 2 Clan can be found here: Join us Today!

You can also join the Destiny 2 group on this website here: Join the Group!

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