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author image by Nagi | 0 Comments | 20 Oct 2017

Who did it first?

With the release of the Leviathan Prestige Raid comes new firsts. The official list has been announced as:

Clan Redeem
Clans Hand of Faith/PRORAIDER/Add Control/ZFORCE NATION
Clan ihavealife

PC Launch and all that comes with it

With the launch of PC next Tuesday (10/24/17) we are figuratively looking down the barrel at a new world and adventures. This, of course, is nearly 2 months after those same adventures have been experienced by those on consoles and is being exported from consoles to PC by an outside company Vicarious Visions.

Now if you haven’t heard of them that is fine, don’t freak out. BREATHE. The company has been in business for over 25 years and have received numerious awards and accolades for exporting titles like “Crash Bandicoot”, “Tony Hawk Pro Skater” and “Guitar Hero” from Consoles to handheld devices, namely Nintendo. Destiny is arguably a larger leap from their track record and their very first Windows title. That being said everyone has to start somewhere.

What they don’t say

While many of you may have already read the Bungie new release, and if you haven’t you should, I want to talk about what they haven’t said. In reality they gave us a release schedule and a NVidea Graphics Guide.

What is our build? Currently consoles are on 1.0.5  and that is after five hotfixes and one update. There are many reasons this is important the leading one in my opinion is to know if the PC Client is going to follow the same updates as consoles. With a ‘partnered’ company doing handling the export it may go it’s own way in development or it may get brushed back under the Bungie umbrella. Other concerns are should we be expecting a similar delay in content as to the release of the title. While I am not as concerned with “Timed Exclusives” because seriously you get it at the same time as everyone else on your platform. I am concerned because as it stands PC players have had the story ruined for them. Few have been lucky enough, like myself, to avoid spoilers and that came at a high cost.

What, if any, changes have they made since the beta? The PC Beta was a true and horrible hot mess and there is no disputing that. PvP was riddled with people utilizing aim assist while using mouse and keyboard. The story, or lack there of, did nothing to escape from the ‘Go here, Kill this’ motif of its’ predecessor.

Will PC players get anything for ‘lost time’? PC gamers have weathered a storm of horrible news and have already begun to install the game this week. Will they get anything as a “Hey thanks for waiting” or “This should help you catch up”? Bungie/Destiny is made by its’ community and the PC community is already disenfranchised.

You can always check out the support forum Bungie has for PC if/when you do experience issues.

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