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New Podcast is on the horizon!

Greetings everyone!

This is the first day of the beginnings of our future podcast. Our first recording will not be happening for a few weeks yet but creation is not something that can wait. So I am busy getting the footwork done so that when it comes to the fun part we will not have to sweat the small things. Between now in the public release of Episode – 01 I am hoping to record and release an introduction, craft and post branding/logos, and maybe even create/post some content that relates to the in game world at large. Obviously I have a lot to do between now and than but this is something I have loved and enjoyed for a long time.

I started Exalted in it’s first edition days under White Wolf and it’s actually where I spent most of my time with my now wife. It was only my second time running a role-playing game. It lasted several years and I loved it. I had spent most of my life loving writing and had a great time transitioning from crappy fan-fiction to my own creations. I have now written more unpublished works than I would care to admit but I say that simply means I have more wood for the fire that is this next campaign. The campaign itself has actually already started but I am changing players around and giving it a soft reboot. Episode-01 is going to consist of catching both the players AND the listeners up to the story as it stands now.

I already have strong ideas of branding I would like to use and I plan to use every bit of ability I have garnered from these past years to make it happen. “The Immaculate Chaos” is a blatant play on the leading church faction in the game setting named “The Immaculate Order.” For those familiar with Exalted I hope you have a deep laugh from the irony of ‘Anathema’ calling themselves the polar opposite of the church. For those who don’t know what an ‘Anathema’ is you need to listen in because your eyes are about to opened by what gaming could be.

As I stated already though there is lots of time between now and when you will be able to listen along with hopefully lots of others. In the meantime I would love it if you went ahead and followed us now to get updates as the come out. Also feel free to leave comments as to what you would like to see from an Exalted (#EX3) podcast and you might find that your comment, from this the earliest moment of our epic, get used down the road for the #ImmaculateChaosPodcast.

Get out there, play a game, and I’ll see you next time.

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