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Nagi Sungila’s Schedule

Wicked Wednesday: 6pm – 10pm (-5 GMT)

Anything can happen the third day of the work week and it’s usually instigated by the pent up frustrations of ‘Hump Day.’ From MMO to Action Adventure nothing is out of the question. Tips go toward equipment already purchased and then to improve upon the current streaming rig.


Fantasy Friday: 6pm – 10pm (-5 GMT)

As the GameMaster (GM) Nagi uses Fantasy Grounds to take players, and viewers, through 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons. Interactive streaming where your tips may help, or hinder, the Player Characters (PCs).


Salty Saturday: 6pm – 10pm (-5 GMT)

Nagi and Friendly Aggro community members run first person shooter (FPS) content to have fun and get laughs. Tip goals may be set to make the crew attempt specific challenges or to offset costs of a future group purchase.


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