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author image by Nagi | 0 Comments | 07 Jun 2018

Just wanted to do a quick post and explain some things and let you know I am still here.

First off; the community itself is in shambles, after half our clan dropped off the face of the earth in Destiny 2 the gaming market dried up for games many wanted to play together. To complicate things worse this was teamed up with untimely deaths, holidays and moving plans. While the discord is still the best place to find someone and start of a conversation it has also been fairly quiet as of late. With the loss of D2 as our go to game I have returned to Final Fantasy XIV and waiting for further releases of Star Citizen. Not many in the community follow either of these and so I have lost touch with most here. I plan to do better but with issues as they are in my personal life I am not about to make promises.

Second; While the website is basically dead from it not being used I plan to continue to pay the bills. the expenses are not much to maintain and i do check it fairly often in case others start to use it more. I don’t know what the future will bring but as my life begins to enter this new stage I look forward to seeing or current state change and our community grow.

Lastly I am sorry for the state of things but the blame can not lay solely at my feet. This is not MY community and it is up to each and everyone of you to share, comment and recruit. The more people here the more reason there is to log in and check. With every person in discord the interest and being there exponentially grows. The larger our community is the more views our future streamers will get and ideally that means the more vibrant and interactive everything else will become. So do not let what you see fool you, this is simply a dormant community that is waiting for the thaw of new blood, new interest and the enthusiasm of driven members.

So while things are doir now it is simply a share, invite and day away from it changing, and that is largely in OUR hands.

“Get out there, play a game, and I’ll see you next time.” ~ Nagi

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