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    Been thinking, and I would like to suggest some kind of missive about us, the community, or some kind of a welcome mat on the front page of the site…..



    also just spent a bit of time hitting everyone up on my steam account, facebook, Origin, Gog, and Uplay, as well as various other groups I hang out promoting us sooo yeah, did what I could about advertising if the rest of us does the same……..



    I well work up an about page and add it to the top nav bar. I don’t think it is should the “landing page” though, returning users shouldn’t have to be face to face with the about page every time they visit.



    no i get it, but a welcome banner of sorts on the sites main would be nifty, or something to fill the void on the main page



    The front page consists of our community “Posts” which basically means it’s the blog page. While i DO understand the need for a “HEY, welcome! this is who we are” it doesn’t do anything for returning members. When a returning member comes to the website I want them seeing the latest posts from the community leaders of the various games.

    A- It shows new and old that something is STILL going on
    B- It lets them know what communities are the most active at the moment
    C- It may help them realize we have a presence in a game they never knew about, or even considered

    While a ‘Front Page’ is absolutely important I feel like our foremost goal should be fostering the current member over the possible new one. We want more people, that is not a question, but not at the risk of disenfranchising an current member or someone coming back from an extended absence.

    That being said, this early ‘in the game’ and with as few community leaders as I have at the moment a “Welcome to Fr.Ag” Post is not out of the question. Thanks for the idea, if you have any ideas what you think it should say, feature or contain let me know.



    lmao Nagi, you should be a spokes person for some company. Lol, that was the most polite albeit leangthy way of saying no lol. also would it be better if I posted suggestions in privi instead of general? if so we can delete these.



    Either is fine, as long as it doesn’t concern a specific person it isn’t really “wrong” to point out what you think would be better. That is the kind of discussion I want to see as we get a larger and more diverse player base.



    true story

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