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Welcome to your Forums!

If this is your first time, or you just need a reminder, the rules are at the bottom of this page.

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    • Adventure

      Discovering the depths of your favorite titles, let the adventure begin.

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    • MMORPG

      All the grinding and gear talk you can handle with just a sprinkle of where to find the coolest pants.

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    • Moba

      From character selection to “Push their Core” we got your back.

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    • Shooters

      the sound of victory is paved in gunshots and explosions. What are you made of?

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Forum Rules:

The following rules control all forums, and sub-forums, and may not be altered or changed by anyone except the community staff. They may be added to and/or elaborated on by specific community leaders as the forum pertains to their specific game.

  • Freedom of Speech: You are able to say and discuss anything that is directly related to the topic. This does not mean you have to agree with what is said or that you in any way have an obligation to point out where you think another is wrong. Most of gaming is opinions and as gamers we get defensive of what we like fairly quick. Keep things civil at all times, we are not here to attack each other we are here to help each other grow understanding and bridge gaps of false information. Do not respond to topics you feel are repulsive, report/flag them and let the community staff take it from there.
  • Flame Wars: If you feel like you need to tear someone apart for anyone reason then you are likely in the wrong place. If you don’t like what is said move on and come back when you can reply with reason or simply don’t reply at all.
  • Trolling: We are all guilty of this day to day. It is simply fun to do and is meant in the nature of fun and comedy. Trolling is in no way discouraged but in an all text base form of communication your tone is lost. All trolling must be done as block quote. This ruins a large portion of fun of trolling but it will stop many a “Flame War” from being an issue.
  • NSFW: Community staff is not going to stop you from posting something just because it is Not Safe For Work (NSFW). You are however required to post [NSFW] in the topic/forum title and are prohibited from posting anything that would not be allowed in a Teen/PG-13 rated entertainment anywhere that does not have the [NSFW] tag. That being said you must limit what you post to Mature/NC-17/R rated material.
  • DO NOT BE A DICK (This rules counts twice)
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