final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.1 is Here!

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author image by Nagi | 0 Comments | 10 Oct 2017

Patch 4.1 is here and it brings many QoL changes and new end game activities

PvE Activities

With 13 quests added to the MSQ and a new Hildabrand side plot there is much for adventurers to do at launch. Add that to a new raid, dungeon, treasure hunts and a Minstral Ballad; things have certainly been expanded for the PvE minded player.

PvP Changes

Big notes are mainly with the Astrologian but new actions have been added to replace some that were removed. While many others have been adjusted in one way or another. The only jobs not on the list are White Mage, Scholar, Dark Knight, Monk, and Black Mage.

Meanwhile the 4v4 Feast gets brought to the Duty Finder with a new matchmaking algorithm and you must be level 30 to spectate now.

Life in Eorzea and abroad

There are far to many notes for the general masses to do justice in what is suppose to be the quick and sweet version. So I’m just going to list them:

  • Plots for both Individuals and Free Companies are now available in Shirogane
  • Many items and emotes have been added across multiple areas
  • Grand Company Squadrons get a touch up and additions
  • Kojin Beast Tribe quests are now available
  • New Acheivements
  • And much much more.

You are greatly encouraged to read the patch notes line by line but I feel confident I’ve given you the basest of information that you could feasibly go out and enjoy FFXIV without to much to worry.

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