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The Immaculate Chaos Begins

author image by Nagi | Online Community Streaming | 0 Comments | 13 Jun 2018

New Podcast is on the horizon! Greetings everyone! This is the first day of the beginnings of our future podcast. Our first recording will not be happening for a few weeks yet but creation is not something that can wait….

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FFXIV: Stormblood Patch 4.06a notes

author image by Nagi | Online Community RPG | 0 Comments | 29 Aug 2017

Cliffnotes of the Patch notes Tanks received a %5 increase to damage reduction (both taken and Dealt) and Warriors received an increase to their incoming healing due to magic. Most classes across the board received boosts to their HP while…

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This Week at Bungie 8/24/2017

author image by Nagi | Online Community Shooters | 0 Comments | 25 Aug 2017

This Week at Bungie 8/24/2017 Right before the Clan gets to experience the PC Beta Bungie’s latest news post doesn’t disappoint. Lots of videos, trailers and yes info on the beta. Beta Pre-Load starts today (8/25/17) through the Blizzard App,…

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author image by Nagi | Online Community RPG | 0 Comments | 08 Aug 2017

Patch notes are available for 4.06 which lands a little later this morning. A simple list of what appear to be quality of life alterations encompass the total of what is being addressed, 5 classes/jobs get potency and duration increases…

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Welcome to Fr.Ag

author image by Nagi | Online Community | 2 Comments | 01 Aug 2017

Welcome to the last online community you will ever have to join! Well at least that’s the dream at least and you have, hopefully, taken the first steps into making that happen. We are at the moment till trying to…

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