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  • Immaculate Chaos podcast released every Wednesday morning
  • Monster Hunter World Community on the raise, join the Discord!
  • Still looking for more Community Leaders to help build us up
  • Be sure to share and comment, it helps the community grow

What are we?

The Friendly Aggro online gaming community is a global collective of communities that span gaming platforms and genres. Each game may have a single community leader who may then assign officers per platform (1 officer per 5 active players). This way you are assured of having a couple friends in any game we are already involved in before you even purchase it.

Community Leaders:

  • Are responsible for creating posts related to their game on a regular basis. The bare minimum they must post links to the latest patch notes
  • Must help resolve inter-community turmoil and discipline members within their community when necessary
  • Help new members of their community get accepted into any clans/guilds present in their community
  • Work closely with Discord moderation staff to ensure their community channels are current and properly moderated
May be removed by Community IF:
  • If they don’t posts patch notes within 3 days of the patch going live
  • If they receive disciplinary action in any facet of Fr.Ag
  • If the community holds a vote on the first week of a given month that ends on the 28th of that month. The vote post and the documentation of the reasons for the vote must be emailed to NagiSungila on the 28th of the preceding month.
If more then one person wishes to be Community Leader:
  • Community Leaders of communities larger then 50 player may vote for a new community leader every December
  • Communties Smaller then 50 hold a vote the month after a Community Leader vacates their position, or is removed.


  • In-Game moderator of a community; reports to the Community Leader
  • Help new members of their community get accepted into any clans/guilds present in their community
  • Report behavior to Community Leader and execute disciplinary action(s) as given by the Community Leader

Discord Server Staff:

  • May or may not be officers or community leaders
  • May grant or remove the “Voiced Elite” role of any member for up to, but not greater then, 30 days
  • May ban members from the server for repeated offenses or profane language in Under18 channel(s); reports to Fr.Ag Leader (NagiSungila)

Who are we?


Mastermind, Founder and otherwise way to ambitious leader/owner of Friendly Aggro. Nagi, formely “True”, began Fr.Ag from the ashes of FRAG (For Reviewing Anything Gaming) a failed attempt at gaming reviews that lasted for over 5 years. While not fully given up on that dream Nagi has turned his efforts towards creating a place that fosters gamers of all races, nationalities and sex. A community his daughter could grow up with and know what a community is suppose to be.

Community Leader:

Nagi leads any community he can that has at least 10 or more members and does not have a volunteer community leader yet. That being said he actively runs the Destiny 2 and Star Citizen communities.

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