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  • Immaculate Chaos podcast released every Wednesday morning
  • Monster Hunter World Community on the raise, join the Discord!
  • Still looking for more Community Leaders to help build us up
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New Metanalysis released on ‘Violent Video Games’

author image by Nagi | Uncategorized | 0 Comments | 02 Oct 2018

Okay let me start by saying thanks to TheBlaze for calling my attention to the linked Meta-analysis. For the sake of transparency let’s put my information on the table:   28-35 Male Registered Libertarian Moderately knowledgeable in modern events Played…

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Under the Moonlight – FFXIV Patch 4.36

author image by Nagi | Uncategorized | 0 Comments | 07 Aug 2018

Limited timed events oh my! For full release notes click to above image. This patch comes with the event “Great Hunt” to gather scales of Rathgar for the Monster Hunter: World event.

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Immaculate Chaos Episode 001 is now live

author image by Nagi | RPG | 0 Comments | 27 Jul 2018

Check it out now! Sorry for the last post on this but the actual play podcast is now releasing weekly. Our release time is Wedenesday at 6am EST. I will try my best to blog post here about it but…

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The Immaculate Chaos Begins

author image by Nagi | Online Community Streaming | 0 Comments | 13 Jun 2018

New Podcast is on the horizon! Greetings everyone! This is the first day of the beginnings of our future podcast. Our first recording will not be happening for a few weeks yet but creation is not something that can wait….

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Still Here >> Though Diminished

author image by Nagi | Uncategorized | 0 Comments | 07 Jun 2018

Just wanted to do a quick post and explain some things and let you know I am still here. First off; the community itself is in shambles, after half our clan dropped off the face of the earth in Destiny…

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Destiny 2 Patch 1.1.0 is now Live

author image by Nagi | Uncategorized | 0 Comments | 06 Dec 2017

Destiny 2 Patch 1.1.0 Notes As the Curse of Osiris DLC drops so do a multitude of changes and balances for D2 as a whole. Grenades see a list of changes bringing them inline with each other and all the…

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This Week at Bungie 10/19/2017

author image by Nagi | Destiny 2 | 0 Comments | 20 Oct 2017

Who did it first? With the release of the Leviathan Prestige Raid comes new firsts. The official list has been announced as: Clan Redeem Clans Hand of Faith/PRORAIDER/Add Control/ZFORCE NATION Clan ihavealife PC Launch and all that comes with it…

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Residential wards getting increased by patch 4.2

author image by Nagi | Final Fantasy XIV | 0 Comments | 12 Oct 2017

According to a forum post by FFXIV Producer and Director, Naoki Yoshida: In light of the feedback we have received, we will be working to bolster our servers in preparation for additional wards in the Lavender Beds, the Goblet, Mist,…

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final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.1 is Here!

author image by Nagi | Final Fantasy XIV | 0 Comments | 10 Oct 2017

Patch 4.1 is here and it brings many QoL changes and new end game activities PvE Activities With 13 quests added to the MSQ and a new Hildabrand side plot there is much for adventurers to do at launch. Add…

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